Nomination Procedures
A nomination form must be completed for each participant. To avoid delay in processing, please ensure that all section of the nomination form are clearly completed and signed by authorized personnel with company chop.

Acknowledge Receipt of Nomination and Confirmation Notice
A reply slip will be sent by Sabre Hong Kong to the training contact person of a travel agent upon receipt of course nomination form. A confirmation notice will be sent at least 5 days before the course commences.

In the event of oversubscription. Nominees will be accepted on first come first served basis. In case we cannot accommodate your request, we shall put them on waiting list and offer places in the next available courses.

Cancellation and No Show
Cancellation of nominees on a course must be done at least 3 working days before the course commences. A cancellation fee of HKD1,000 will be charged for each participant. A no-show fee of HKD1,000 will be levied against the travel agency for each participant nominated who does not turn up for the course or less than 90% attendance.

Criteria for Nomination
We had experienced in the past of staff being sent on courses which were either irrelevant to their job functions or too high a level for their limited operational experience. Such inappropriate nominations impeded the progress of our courses and caused problems for the trainers as well as other participants. Please ensure to send the appropriate nominee based on Sabre Hong Kong course pre-requisite requirement and they must be conversant with English and Cantonese language. In case you are unsure about the proper experience for specific courses, Please call us for advice.

Travel agency management should ensure that staff nominated for training are able to attend the full duration of a course without any interruption. A minimum of 90% attendance record is required for satisfactory completion of the course. Making or receiving telephone calls are not allowed when the class is in session. Attendees are reminded to be punctual for courses.

Typhoons / Black Rainstorm Warning
No training classes will be held when typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted or black rainstorm warning is issued at/after 7:00am. Participants will be informed of alternative arrangements at a later date if taken a half-day course. Please be aware that a full-day course will resume in the afternoon at 2:00pm when the above warning is lowered before 12:00pm.

Training Schedule
The training schedule is for a 3-month period and is updated regularly. Please refer to www.sabretn.hk or our DRS reference of Y/MKT/HK1/P20 for details. All courses are subject to cancellation and changes at the discretion of Sabre Hong Kong.

Course Certificates
A Certificate of Accomplishment will be granted to student who has attended a minimum of 90 percent of the Basic Reservation Course or Automated Pricing & Ticketing Course and successfully passed the examination result up to 70 percent.

A Distinction Certificate will be granted to student who gets successfully passed the examination with a higher mark up to 98 percent.

There will be no charge if request for a replacement certificate is made within 2 months after examination, but a charge of HK$100 is imposed if it is beyond 2 months. A letter for verification from the Training Contact person is needed for replacement request.

No certificate will be issued to participants who fail the examination, i.e. below the 70 passing mark or less than 90 percent attendance. Participant who recommended re-sitting the examination and a fee of $300 will be charged to the company.

Training Course Result will be published in the DRS, please refer to Y/MKT/HK1/P25 for details.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at Training Hotline 2960-8828.

Last update: 10 JUN 2008

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